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Photography on two Wheels
An in-depth reference guide

Do you feel you like both, cycling and photography, but don't know how everything comes together? Would you like to know what to take and how to make it all happen? If so, you'll find this and much more in my Photography on two wheels guide.

 Sudanese men of the Sahara desert counting the money from selling faba beans (fuul), the national staple of Sudan

All about money

It is the #1 question I get. The mystery par excellence: "How do you finance your trips?"  There are no secret fortunes, billionaire parents nor I won the lottery. In this article, I will reveal the less mysterious mystery of them all.

Aren't you afraid?

This is one of the questions I get asked the most. Fear, one of our most primal emotions, seems to affect our lives in different degrees, especially, when it comes to the unknown. My quick answer is: yes, I am afraid, but let me tell you what I do about it.



The world in images. Culture, people, landscapes, daily scenes.
Have a look at what to photograph in this incredible world we live in.


World Stories

Riding a bicycle across jungles and deserts. Living with extraordinary people in extraordinary places. Experiencing the beauty of a fair world and the ugliness of a dishearteningly painful one. Here you'll find selected essays that speak of it all.


All you've ever wanted to know about travelling the world,about cycling, about photography. All you've ever asked yourself about how I do this or that, or how I feel or how I cope. All will hopefully be answered here. If you don't find your answer, feel free to ask me, and I will write about it!

My Blog - All the traveling stories as I went through them

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