A life of adventure and self-discovery


 I may tell you that I am a photographer, an architect by profession, a 3D artist, an avid story teller, but at heart, I am first and foremost, a simple traveller passing through life; a nomad, an adventurer wandering the world in search of understanding life and existence, trying to make sense out of it all. Thirsty for learning, I have spent a good part of the last 22 years of my life, dedicated to the art of traveling. Even though I may have been born in Argentina, and that is where my roots are, I am now clearly a citizen made of bits and pieces from thousands of other different places.

I have travelled in 88 countries and hundreds, if not thousands of cities, towns and villages. Each one of them has left something in me that in one way or another has contributed to shape the person I am today. This remains to be an on-going process as I continue to move around the world to keep learning, evolving, transforming myself, incorporating new aspects I learn along the way.

Through experience I have come to realise what some can only read in books and assume real, while others may choose to ignore altogether, which is that, in essence, no matter how different our cultures are and how far apart from one another we may seem to be at first sight, underneath we are all the same. We all seek the same basic needs. We all share the same instincts, we all laugh and cry, smile and glare, fall in and out of love. However, what is astonishing is to discover how essentially similar we all are at creating and reacting to any of these emotions. Ultimately, what we all seek is happiness.

I have used all means of transportation to get me around this world and all of them have offered me different insights on how it is. I have walked, trekked, ridden, driven, flown or hitchhiked. I have taken buses, trucks, trains, planes, rickshaws, motorbikes, ferries, boats, canoes, donkeys, horses, elephants and camels. But for the last 12 years I have chosen a bicycle as my personal favourite mode of independent transport.



I have ridden 87.000 km (49.710 miles) so far, and due to the nature of traveling by bicycle, I have been able to relate very intimately to the places and the peoples I visit. This means spending most of the time in either nature and/or with locals, creating and building relationships that are truly unique and have the power to reshape the way you think and ultimately who you are. Every single one of them has encouraged me to push my will to learn even further, visiting from cosmopolitan sophisticated metropolis, up to the most remote, forsaken and harshest corners of this planet.

I am out there to face it all, to be fascinated and frustrated by it. I am out there to engage people who are sometimes so radically different from the way I was brought up that the more I engage them the more I learn to see the world from a different perspective. It keeps both my heart and mind fresh, open and alive. It helps me find my own path and make my life richer. It is in that intimacy that is built through the empathetic connection with other human beings where my spirit thrives.

 My photographs and my stories, are a direct consequence of my experience. I live the stories I tell, and photograph them. Through them, I seek to portray the human condition, the people and the environment they live in, in the uttermost dignifying way, because behind every single person in this world there is an underlying dignity, there is humanity, there is something inside every one that intrinsically links them to me and links me to them.

My journey is all about capturing the soul of the earth.