What is Capturing the soul of the earth?

Capturing the soul of the earth is my most recent effort to produce a coherent narrative, result of a lifetime of adventure, that speaks of the world in a way that I believe is true to its essence.

Through the combined use of compelling imagery and storytelling, I will share personal and non-personal stories and articles of opinion and knowledge, that are meant to inspire, as much as help believe that a different life is possible and available to anyone. One that involves being freer, more empathetic and ultimately, more human.

I am hoping to get you closer to see what the world outside is like. Not the one you see on TV or read in the newspapers, but the real world in raw. A world of diversity inhabited mostly by common people like you and I. A world that may be as pleasing as it is frustrating sometimes, but one that should never be feared nor ignored.

This site is for anyone with a strong curiosity, a sense of adventure and thirst for learning.
It is also for those who dare to look beyond what they already know and are open to debate and even honestly question their own established truths.

Above all, this is a site about the essence of the world and its people and I hope you enjoy it.