Africa ONE

Nota: Para quienes quieran disfrutar el video en alta calidad de imagen y sonido, sin sufrir la mala calidad de YouTube, los invito a que se lo bajen a su compu de aquí  (es probable que de tanto en tanto el link esté de baja)


After completing the Asia stage of this trip at km 17,150, on March 21, 2014 we left Cairo and on March 2, 2015 I arrived in Cape Town at km 33,457. That is, WE left and I arrived; we used to be two, but reluctanctly I, once again became one, because those are they whimsical twists and turns of this impermanent life.

  For personal reasons, and for my own emotional health, I have decided to include myself only in this video, although that does not take away the infinite beauty (and joy) of the journey from China to Malawi when Julia was with me. if things had been different, it would certainly have been a lot easier to do.

The purpose of this video is to put motion to the words I write; in this occasion, I am covering the first half of the crossing of Africa. There are things that words do not reflect, as well as there are things that images can't describe either. In that sense, all means complement each other to convey the essence of the same experience.

That said, if you really want to know what it really feels everything I describe in words and show in images, then you should ride a bike yourself, because there are neither words nor images that can actually describe it. It is too large, personal and spiritual to be transmitted, although I think a little of it is reflected in my face in the final seconds of this video.

Enjoy every moment, the present, that bites or smiles, life is very beautiful and that is the only thing that counts.

29 July 2015, Luanda, Angola. km 37,666.