PRINTS - Nicolás Marino - Photographer

Prints can be ordered here. I do not have an automated system yet but it still can be done in just a few simple steps:

1- Choose the photo you want

2- Choose the size and paper from the list below as a reference

3 - Use the contact form in this web to include the details above and your location to calculate the added shipping costs. 

4 - Pay with Paypal to and that's about it. Your prints will come your way.

NOTE: The list below may be used as a reference but all sizes and paper types can be the ones you want. Prices do not include shipping.

Price, sizes and papers reference list


-15 cm/ 6"  long side - $15 USD

-30 cm/ 11.8" long side - $35 USD

-60 cm/ 23.6"    long side - $75 USD

-100 cm /39.4"  long side - $150 USD 

Standard papers

Lustre  (my recommendation. Strikes perfect balance between glossy and matte)

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